We are so blessed to have a fabulous preschool, close to home, well-run, and with dedicated and loving teachers. Most of all, Brian and I love that St. Mary Preschool begins the catechism journey for our son. There are choices for preschools but St. Mary fulfills all our needs as Catholic parents.
~ Mary Beth Graf

I like everything!
~ Robert Graf, student

The teachers at St. Mary Preschool go above and beyond to give the children a fun, creative and educational program.
~ Nikki Detzel

I like to play with all of the fun toys in the classroom with my friends.
~ Rosie Detzel, student

St. Mary Preschool is an absolute treasure! The teachers are all amazing and the faith based curriculum is fantastic. The school is an exceptional experience for our young children and the loving, caring and spiritual environment is terrific. St. Mary Preschool is simply the best gift we can offer our children.
~ Martha Ellsworth

I love to play with my friends and the sand table is my favorite!
~ Andrew Ellsworth, student

I love that my girls have been so excited to attend school at St. Mary’s. I watch them learn and grow spiritually and educationally and they are having so much fun!
~ Karen Gerome

I like playing with friends, having a special day and praying to God and Jesus!
~ Frankie Gerome, student

We love St. Mary Preschool! Our third child is attending now and he loves it just as much as our girls did. Wonderful staff, fun performances and lots of learning and social time for the kiddos.
~ Kate Dean

We feel blessed to send our children to St. Mary Preschool. Even though our schedule changed, we are making sacrifices to send our child here because of our past experience. Cecilia loves playing with the doll house and “when the teachers give me veggie straws for snack. When we have circle time, they read us books”.
~ Lindsay Baran

I like that when I drop my child off at preschool he is not only with excellent teachers but with caring individuals who genuinely care about my child like he was their own.
~ Megan Podges

I like playing lions and tigers. I like singing the turkey song.
~ Jayden Podges, student

I like playing outside at the playground. I like working with my teachers. I like playing at the centers. The rescue toys are my favorite.
~ Quentin Gibson, student

We have been at St. Mary’s for the last three years and we couldn’t be happier with our experience. The staff is so loving and caring and treat our children as their own as well as providing them with the tools for the next chapter of their education journey.
~ Kristin Reppas

I love all my teachers, the toys and the trips we go on.
~ Marco Reppas, student

My child is so excited each time she goes to school. She is so proud of her work and what she learns each day. Wonderful environment, awesome teachers! Great family atmosphere!
~ Rebecca Teusan

I love Tuesdays and Thursdays because I get to go to school. My favorite thing about school is everything!
~ Nadia Teusan, student

I have noticed a big difference in my daughter since beginning at St. Mary Preschool. She is more confident in trying new things and makes many connects from concepts she learned at school to everyday life. She loves going to school and enjoys her teachers. What more could a mother want? I recommend St. Mary to everyone.
~ Kalyn Dohner

I like school at church. My teachers help me learn things. It’s so fun!
~ Ariana Dohner, student

St. Mary’s has done a wonderful job with our children. After trying two other preschools with our Seton kindergartner we wouldn’t go anywhere else with our other three children. Mia is in the 3’s program and excelling! They make learning so fun and she always comes home with the cutest artwork. We couldn’t be happier with our St. Mary Preschool experience and how it prepares them for kindergarten.
~ Cassie Scala