Saint Mary Parish Planned Giving

We are blessed to have such a generous, energetic and faith-led parish! With so many ministries and so much activity, it speaks volumes to our vibrancy as a community, and to our multifaceted talents and interests. Knowing that each parishioner is guided by the Holy Spirit in the development and application of his/her specific time, talent and treasure, we have many paths that can be followed when you have a desire to make a financial gift to the parish.
Gifts include, but are not limited to:

  • Cash
  • Stocks & Bonds
  • Tangible Assets (e.g. a car)
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance Policies
  • Retirement Funds

Your gift can be designated Restricted – for use by a specific ministry (e.g. vocation development, Lifeteen program), or Unrestricted – which means it will be applied where the need is greatest.
Did you know there are advantages of donating appreciated stocks and securities? When you donate long-term appreciated stocks or securities to Saint Mary Parish, you ease your tax burden in two ways:

  • You can deduct the market value of the donated stock from your taxable income.
  • Neither you nor Saint Mary Parish will owe capital gains on the appreciation.

 “Celebrate The Past With A Gift For The Future”

Bequests – Legacy Society
Saint Mary Parish is indebted to the hundreds of families that support our parish. Their contributions come in many forms including gifts that continue to give beyond the life of the donor. One way this happens is for parishioners, like you, to include Saint Mary Parish in their wills. As you reflect on the past 150 years of service and ministry our parish has provided, and the role Saint Mary has played in the spiritual development of your family, please consider adopting Saint Mary Parish as one of your heirs when you formulate your estate plan and/or will and become a Charter Member of the Legacy Society. This can be as simple as a small percentage of your estate designated to Saint Mary Parish.
Family Named Endowment
Do you ever have trouble finding just the right gift? Never seem to know what to give to your mother, father, spouse or best friend to mark a special occasion? Consider making a gift in their honor to Saint Mary Parish the next time you are celebrating a Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Baptism or other notable occasion. Family-Named Endowments become permanent at $5000 which can be donated at creation or built over time.
Memorial Giving
In Memory Of/In Lieu of Flowers, gifts made “in memory of” enable you to remember a departed loved one or friend in a special way. At the same time, your gift provides financial support for the ministry or program most of interest to you or the individual being memorialized.
St. John Paul II Vocation Scholarship
In an effort to promote a nurturing environment for vocations within our parish, and to create a culture of religious vocation, the St. John Paul II Vocation Scholarship was established in 2005. Applying for this scholarship is open to anyone discerning vowed religious life or the priesthood.