Feed My Sheep Ministry    (FMS)

Our mission is to provide meals and prayers to those in need.
There are many different ways to participate in FMS:

  • Rotating Meal Schedule – These are meals that individual members prepare in their homes and deliver to those who need meals for a prolonged period of time. Your commitment will be approximately once a month or as often as you choose.
  • Parish Thursday Dinner Nights – Our parish dinners are held two times a month. It is an opportunity for good food, fellowship and an evening away from the worries of planning and preparing a meal. There is no charge only a “free will” offering if able. Be a participant or a diner—we welcome you to both!
  • Bereavement Ministry – Our bereavement ministry provides a post funeral meal for grieving family members. Volunteers prepare and serve a predetermined buffet of homemade hot and cold foods and beverages. Please contact Kathy Sluzewski who coordinates this ministry.
  • Group Cooking – These are meals that we cook together and freeze. This ministry meets quarterly. The meals that are made will be used for emergencies.
  • Bread Bakers – Our volunteers bake bread that is given to those who have lost a family member or given during a home visit by the Parish Nurse.
  • Feed My Sheep Garden – If you have a green thumb, we need you! Our vegetable and herb garden provides fresh offerings for our Parish Thursday Dinners.
2019 Parish Thursday Dinners: