The Men’s Club sponsors an ‘Appreciation Day’ each year to recognize the nearly 10,000 hours of volunteer service given by its dues-paying members annually.

If you have volunteered service hours at any of our events in the past 12 months, you are invited to join us for this no cost event. If you are new to the Men’s Club and have yet to contribute volunteer service hours, you may still attend Appreciation Day, but we kindly ask that you participate in the set-up, cooking, and / or clean-up for the event.

Highlights of our 2016 Appreciation Day:

We were blessed with clear skis and warm weather allowing the final golfing group to finish in sunshine. Fifty-five golfers participated in the scramble event with the team of Tom Barnish, Bob Flynn, Jim Kelly, and Roy Marschke declared the winners with a score of 3 under par.

Multiple other winners were awarded cash prizes for: closest to the pin, straightest drive, low putts, and most pars. There was plenty of talk among the participants after the game about the putts they should have made.

After golf, a bit of rain came down to cool off the day and required our two main cooks, Bob Flynn and Dick Kollman, to utilize umbrellas at the grill. Their perseverance led to some delicious grilled steak and chicken for the group as another eight Men’s Club members were able to join us for dinner. We hope the potato salad will find its way to the serving table in 2017.

While the grilling was going on, a spirited bocce challenge ensued. In between the raindrops, the two finalist teams of Tom Reaume / Carl Walko and Joe Hensel / Jim Kelly battled it out for the bocce championship. Nearing darkness, the team of Hensel / Kelly jumped out to a quick lead but were eventually defeated by the relentless pursuit of the Reaume / Walko combo for the championship.

Our thanks to Roy Marschke and Greg Ott for their assistance in officiating the bocce games.

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For more information about the Men’s Club Appreciation Day, please contact co-chairmen Tom Barnish at (216) 469-6154 or and Dave Puckett at (216) 390-1406 or