Mens Club LogoThere’s plenty of excitement and camaraderie whenever the Men’s Club holds a social event. Come and join us for a < Cleveland Cavalier’s Watch Night > when the hometown team makes a run at the NBA playoffs or for something even sweeter – like < Donut Sunday >.

It’s ladies night off when the men do the cooking for six consecutive Friday nights during Lent. Our famous < Lenten Seafood Dinners > are a big hit with parishioners and guests, who come far-and-wide to sample some of the finest cuisine to ever come out of a parish kitchen. Upwards to a 1,000 meals are prepared and served each week by a crew of 75 men who volunteer each year for this major fundraising / service / social event.

The < Summer Golf League > is another big social gathering. Guys, who not only admire the Pros but believe they can drive or putt the ball just like them, show up at the tee box ready to demonstrate their talent only to be foiled by the occasional duffer who proves God’s blessing of a lucky shot wins every time.

Here are just some of the activities planned for the coming year:

  • Appreciation Day
  • Baseball Outing
  • Cavalier’s Watch Night
  • Christmas Breakfast
  • Donut Sunday
  • Father-Child Canoe Outing
  • Golf League
  • Lenten Seafood Dinners

Be sure to check our < calendar > or the church bulletin for schedule changes and details.

For more information about the Men’s Club social activities, please contact our Social Chairman Greg Dohner at (330) 714-9570 or

Please stop by and introduce yourself at an upcoming meeting or event!