What is Eucharistic Adoration / Exposition?
Eucharistic Adoration is a Catholic devotion dating back to the early days of the Church. It involves exposing a consecrated host, the Blessed Sacrament, allowing us to sit and pray in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ.
Adoration specifically refers to any prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament whether in front of a closed Tabernacle or in front of the exposed host in a monstrance. Exposition refers specifically to the situation of the exposed host in a monstrance. You may hear these terms used interchangeably.
During Eucharistic Adoration it is appropriate to do any of the following:

  • Read and reflect on readings from the Bible or other spiritual writings
  • Pray a Rosary or any other favorite prayers
  • Converse with God through spontaneous prayer or journaling
  • Sit quietly and listen or just enjoy being in the presence of Christ

When is Eucharistic Adoration Offered?

  • Eucharistic Adoration is available whenever the Church building is open as the doors to the Church are always open for anyone to come and pray in front of the closed Tabernacle.
  • Eucharistic Exposition is offered Thursdays in the Chapel, after the 9:00am Mass through 7:00pm. Closing Benediction begins at 6:00 pm.