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General Information

Edge Nights
Wednesdays 7:00–8:30pm, end of August through end of May


  • Gather – Snack, Welcome & Opening Prayer (~10 min.)
  • Proclaim – Large Group Teaching (~25 min., +5 min. for moving to group location)
  • Break – Small Group Discussion, Activities (~30 min., +5 min. for coming back from group location)
  • Send – Wrap-up & Call to Action, Closing Prayer (~15 min.)



On average, one Edge Night per month will be either purely social or purely service. Occasionally socials will take place off-site. All dates and off-site weeks are noted on the schedule. In the spirit of evangelization, middle school youth are always encouraged to bring friends to Edge Nights, but service or social nights would be particularly good for guests!

The service will be a mixture of service to the parish, to Hudson, to surrounding communities, and even to people in other countries.

Weekly Communication

Every week, parents will receive an email from the Middle School Youth Minister about the Edge Night. This email will not only announce the topic, but also give the entire teaching that will be presented so that the parents, as primary catechists for their children, may have an educated and specific conversation with their child about the Edge Night. Announcements, changes, and other communication will be done via e-mail.
**It is, therefore, very important that you check your e-mail frequently for these communications and update the Middle School Youth Minister with any changes or if you are not receiving these e-mails!**