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Download Edge Core Form Here!

It truly takes a whole faith community to make Edge happen, and I am hoping that you will be willing to help with this mission! It may at times be frustrating and difficult, but the reward of making a difference and leading middle schoolers to encounter Christ will far outweigh any negatives.


Besides the spiritual incentives of helping, and the sense of stewardship you will have, not to mention the opportunity to connect with the young church, there is a financial incentive to being on Edge Core: children of Edge Core members get half off tuition for Edge.


Edge Core: Open to any baptized Catholic over the age of 15 (sophomore and older) who is willing to make a commitment to the middle school youth of St. Mary Parish. The commitment involves showing up every Wednesday (late Sept – April) and co-leading a small group of about 12 middle schoolers. In those groups, you will facilitate discussions, activities, and personal sharing. All materials and plans planning will be provided. This is a wonderful opportunity to help pass your faith on to the next generation.

If you are interested, contact Vince Roman at vroman@stmaryhudson.cc with questions, interest, or to schedule an interview.

THANK YOU for any time that you are willing to spend with these beautiful children of God!