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now you knowNow You Know Media began in 2006 with the mission of bringing you the best in Catholic spirituality and scholarship. We have produced hundreds of audio and video programs, from Bible studies with leading Scripture scholars to life-changing retreats.

Our presenters hail from top universities and seminaries, such as the University of Notre Dame, the Catholic University of America, Georgetown University, Catholic Theological Union, Boston College, and the Franciscan School of Theology. They combine exceptional scholarship with engaging teaching styles. Most of our Catholic courses also come with free study guides, including lecture outlines, suggested readings, and review questions.
Audio lectures are all 25-minute segments–perfect for a commute, workout or meditation at the end of the day!

The following titles are all available to be signed out from St. Mary Parish by contacting Michael Schwark at ext. 254:
Essential Catholic Teachings:

  • What Would You Like to Know About Catholicism?, by Rev. William Byron, SJ
  • Countdown to Religious Literacy, by Rev. William Byron, SJ
  • Church Teaching, Science and the Beginning of Human Life, by Rev. Alfred Cioffi


  • Becoming the Eucharist We Celebrate, by Rev. Dan Crosby, OFM Cap
  • The Lectionary: A Treasure for Liturgy and Prayer, by Rev. Felix Just, SJ
  • The History of the Mass, by Rev. John Baldovin, SJ
  • Understanding the New Translation of the Roman Missal, by Msgr. Michael Magee

Church History:

  • Sanctity and Learning: Five Doctors of the Church who Renewed Christianity, by Dr. C. Colt Anderson
  • For Christ Assembled: The Church’s Ecumenical Councils, by Rev. John O’Malley, SJ
  • Vatican II, by Rev. John O’Malley, SJ
  • The Spirituality of Vatican II, by Rev. Anthony Ciorra


  • How to Read & Understand Your Bible, by Rev. Michael D. Guinan, OFM
  • Isaiah: Poet of Light, Poet of Hope, by Sr. Carol Dempsey, OP
  • The New Testament: A Guided Tour, by Rev. Felix Just, SJ
  • The Gospel of Mark, by Fr. John Donahue, SJ
  • The Gospel of Matthew, by Rev. Donald Senior, CP
  • The Gospel of Luke, by Sr. Barbara Reid, OP
  • The Gospel of John, by Rev. Donald Senior, CP
  • Acts of the Apostles, by Sr. Laurie Brink, OP
  • “And God Said What?” Dealing with Difficult Scripture Passages, by Rev. J. Patrick Mullen


  • Franciscan Prayer: How St. Francis Prayer, by Fr. Murray Bodo, OFM
  • The Psalms: A Model and Guide to Prayer, by Rev. Michael D. Guinan, OFM
  • A Retreat with the Psalms, by Rev. Michael D. Guinan, OFM