Forgiven: The Transforming Power of Confession, is the latest addition to the Augustine Institute’s library of sacramental preparation programs.

Forgiven explores the grace and healing offered in Confession and shows how this sacrament of mercy reveals the depth and bounty of God’s love. By looking at God’s revelation of His mercy in Scripture and making a step-by-step examination of the Rite itself, Forgiven communicates God’s invitation to each one of us to come experience His indescribable love in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
The study of Forgiven: The Transforming Power of Confession has ended. Check back to the Adult Faith Formation section of the parish website for future Bible study offerings!

Contact Michael Schwark at ext. 254 for more information.
There is no registration for this study as the course videos and the workbook pages are FREE for all parishioners through the FORMED.ORG parish subscription! To register on FORMED.ORG:

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